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Project Title:

Photographer Portal


• To design a portal for photographers.
• To create the competence level among the photographers.
• To provide assistance for new photographers.
• Content can be share with all users.
• Users can rate pictures.

Project Description:

As per given assignment for the course Web Scripting and Content Creation I have planned to construct a website where new and experienced photographers can create their own photo gallery. This would be unique website where photographer needs to create their own profile and upload their photographs with complete description. They will be allowed to mention each effects and styles what they used in that photograph to enable technical people to rate them according to their experience and also normal viewer can give comments and rate them according to their perception.

All galleries will be visible to the website visitors. Visitors would be allowed to create their profile as they will rate the photographs and also able to gives their comment. No visitor will be allowed to give comments as anonymous because this website is to promote the new and competent photographers and their work. So it is really important that only listed or registered users can rate the work of photographers for genuine rating.

All photographers will have their own page and their work will be protected by website. No visitor or website viewer can download their work. It helps them to protect their work from infringement. Also photographer will have to give statement that they are using their own work on the site. They also need to mention the place and time when they have taken the same.

Furthermore, the best photograph of the week and the best photographer will be displayed on the home page as a winner. So it will help to promote the work of best photographers.

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